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Photo by Daniel Starling

I have been playing the drums since my grandmother bought me my first drum-set when I was 5 years old.
That Mickey Mouse drum-kit sure made some noise!

While in California in the 80's I recorded "September". September was created along with Scott C. Virtes on guitar and John Veldez on bass, back in the early 80’s in a tiny garage on a hot September day. It was recorded on a 4-track unit.

I joined Citi-zen, a three piece fusion/progressive rock band in 1999. Along with guitar-player/graphic artist/ fine artist Evan Polenghi and bass player/photographer/green party activist Daniel Starling we played live at ACME Underground, The Orange Bear and other venues.


In 2001 we recorded a 5 song EP - a small sample of repertoire. From that EP, you can listen to King Pink, a progressive, guitar driven instrumental piece, that emerged as an homage to Citi-Zen's favorite band, King Crimson. The second selection that I included here for your listening pleasure is called Carousel, a melancholic journey to the past, featuring Daniel's vocals. Listen or download some songs by clicking on the images below. Enjoy!

September - Stefan Jackson + Scott Virtes
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Carousel - Citi-zen
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King Pink - Citi-zen
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