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Tanya Reimer reviews Glass Shore

January 21, 2015

by Tanya Reimer

Creative mind-blowing revelation

Welcome to a future where things like drugs, violence, and sex are a little more in your face... or maybe that’s just how Apollo sees the world. It feels like a happy world where everyone has a home, food, and plenty of time for... fun. Of course, something big is going on and the action kept me turning pages. Apollo tells it like it is, in the moment. He is naughty, fearless, sexy, honest, and well... I won't give away all his secrets. Jackson is creative in how he tells this tale and it results in a mind-blowing revelation. The twists kept drawing me, taking me by surprise. I enjoyed the thrilling storyline but the characters and themes that emerged still haunt me. Very enjoyable, satisfying read. Looking forward to more Stefan Jackson!

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